Chapter 2


And so, the cute looking one didn't stay long. Let me rephrase that, i didn't stay long. I end up still holding on to him. 2 months and 10 days. That long. I wont deny, i've had days that i wanted to give up on waiting, partly because I didn't exactly try. partly because i don't think he is worth trying. But hey, anyone that manages to keep me interested must be something. Something great.

He makes me laugh, every time. Comfortable and secure, maybe. Im thoroughly confuse. I dont know what I want. I really do like him, but I don't think im ready for a relationship. I dont want to be in a relationship. Im perfectly happy in the position I am now. When the guys offer me a ride to eat, i went along. Wherever they go, i go. No restriction from anyone. No one romantically linked, no interference, no problems. Easy.

Easy? Maybe not. Boys will be boys. And I am still a girl among the boys. When one of them finds out, the rest follows. Mentioning it on the table is a norm, teasing me about it until i blush is a game. Keeping it cool is impossible for me. Even if i put on a straight face, i blush 3 shades of red. And that didnt help. In the end, why bother to deny it? They already know long before but they never guessed its me. As for him, he knows. I've told him.

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