Know this guy?


Yeah, this is A. Samad Said. The sasterawan negara. I've known him as Aki my whole life. Thanks to my presence at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka everyday up till im 12 years old. I was brought up there, and i have met all types of people and never have i known, they are people who are somebody in the literary world.

Aki is a friend of both my parents, he remembers them but never me. If i see him anywhere, ill introduce myself as Faikha and Fahmi's daughter. To which his reply will be, and have always been "Oh, saya ingat mereka! Saya ke majlis perkahwinan mereka dahulu."
Yerp, everytime.

Ok, the point of my long ontroduction is to tell an incident that happened to me in college. During orientation week, my 2 friends Arie and Pali was having a conversation and making fun about beards. And the most prominent person with a notable beard is no one else other than Aki Samad. In his defence (and to be a part of the conv) i said "Oi, u better watch what you said, thats my grandpa you're talking about!" And of course they were stunned. Heh! Nicely played.

Little that i know, the joke was thought to be real until one day, 1 week short from the end of my first semester a guy put up his courage and asked me if i really am the grand-daughter of A. Samad Said. Imagine my response. I had a laughing fit! A dormful of boys got to know about it and have been discussing among themselves. Of course, the word spread like bonfire. Oh boys, they gossip more than girls do.

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