13++ things to do to occupy your 1month sem break, without using money


  1. Exercise such as swimming and jogging daily. If only i can be that consistent.
  2. Be a slacker, stay home at watch DVDs all day. And then, continue after midnight.
  3. Go to your dad's office, use the computer all day, free internet usage!
  4. Spend time with your cousin who is rich because she just quit her job, and get her to spend her money on you.
  5. Accompany the same cousin wherever she wants to go, and make sure she knows you are broke.
  6. Borrow books from your niece, who actually surprise you because she's reading the same books as you are and those books are mostly inappropriate for her age.
  7. Waste your time at your cousins house, watch DVDs, use internet for free, eat free food, borrow the latest titles, and of course, spend time with the brat kids.
  8. Make phone calls, a lot of calls inquiring about rooms or houses to let because your dormates who supposedly wants to live with you doesn't make an effort to look for it and dump everything on you. Seriously!
  9. Go to gigs for free because your bestie sells her stuff there.
  10. Chat with you lecturer.
  11. Blog selagi boleh.
  12. On Myspace/Facebook/YM sampai lebam.
  13. Pretend your helping with the family's Family Day planning tapi sebenarnya malas.
  14. Thinking and re-thinking about going back to Semenyih.
  15. Balik Semenyih and stay there for a week! Or until uni starts again.

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