13++ of my best moments during 1st sem


1. Laughing my ass so hard that when i look down to catch my breath, i accidentally got my straw stuck in my nostril. To which, i laugh even harder joined by the boys and only then i pull it out of my nose. So random!

2. Peed in my pants in the dorm from laughing so hard because Nik was singing off key while listening to her mp3 player and never noticed us telling her off or making fun of her.

3. Peed in my pants (yet again), cried, had runny nose and stomach cramps all at the same time because i was rolling on the floor laughing so hard with the girls, remembering all the funny things happened to us.

4. Not being able to control my laughters and got told off in Computer class because fyka was laughing with me to a joke she didn't even hear. She laughed because she saw me laugh.

5. Having Enor and Dila as my roommate, bedmate, shower buddies, 2/3 of me and the best girls i got to know there.

6. Meeting Pali, Phia, Sara, and Yana at first as groupmates during orientation week and later got closer as classmates and we still are!

7. Getting to know Arie and Anip, my best guys. In so many ways! My comfort zone.

8. Outings with Pakchaq, Punat, Imad. My car rides, my brothers, my guilty pleasures, my rule-breaking guardians.

9. Joining the boys in class! All of them..one gang, who accept me, a girl in their crew.

10. Not being able to control my bladder and bowel every time we hang out. And having friends who understand it.

11. Pulling out nighters once in a while with friends i trust and comfortable with, having fun.

12. Top of the pop in class! Hahahahaha i admit, im somewhat a teacher's pet. But i dont ass kiss them, they just love me! Hahahahahahaha

13. Achieving highest in Sociology for a test.

14. Winning debate between myself and the perfectionist, bighead class rep.

15. The moment when i fell on top of Nik, and Naz fell on top of me while trying to run away from our possessed dorm mate. We tried to squeeze between the bunk beds and ended up falling on top of each other.

16. Trying to control my laughters afterwards while holding the possessed girl's hands. I was nursing my bleeding lips also, by the way.

17. Trips to Sani! Each and every one of it. Makan best, org lagiiii best!

18. Lost my phone during a car ride to KL. But later found it in my folded end of the pants i was wearing.

19. Celebration of ending the semester with classmates at the dinner party we planned. Wore a dress, joget2, karaoke.

20. Second celebration on the same night afterwards with the boys, Phia, Sara and Yan. Midnight picnic at 13 joined by mosquitoes.

21. Layar Tanchap! And everything about that night.

22. Hogging Khulafa for breakfast, Abah for lunch and Rumah Hijau after dinner with mates.

23. Everyday! Nuff' sed.

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