The decision is made, but why cant i?


The title got nothing to do with the blog post. And im trying to not mention him in my blog posts. Other than the chapters of course. Anyhow, im missing my friends more and more. Know what else i miss? Money. Lots and lots of money. I wish i can get money anytime i wish for it but hey, get real! Money aren't made of saliva or sweat. If it made of saliva, ill be freakin rich! Hanya perlu kumpulkan air liur Zamil, my CP brother. hihi

If i have money to burn, i can worry less bout my study expenses. Which includes the fees, living expenses, damn mahal rumah sewa, paying for books we dont need, internet usage, food and occasional splurge on things kononnya for studies.

And i soooooo need money to buy new wardrobe. Saya sangat amat perlukan pakaian baru!
So miskin nowdays i cant even afford new top. And i am so in need of new jeans. The old ones dah koyak rabak di hujung. Dah menipis juga, tunggu masa je la tu. And i have been wearing them since form 3.

During cuti ni, if i have the money i would have gone to the driving school to retake my test. I will need approximately RM200? Rm150 for the test, another rm30 to renew my L license and the baki for an hour of lesson just so i remember the roads again.
And yes, of course! Need to fix the laptop. Bloody blasted power failure. Wasted btol! I have to fork out rm160 just to fix the starter. Ngek!

Oh money, please come to me soon. I need you as my access to gigs, fun times with friends and therapy of shopping. PLEASE! I need you!

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