Feel like doing this.


8 things I'm passionate about -

  1. Family
  2. Friends, large crowd of people i know and care about
  3. Books
  4. My faith, little petty things that i can hold to..
  5. My principles.
  6. Movies and music, in any kind
  7. Performances
  8. My studies
8 Things I want to do before I die -
  1. Travel as far I can
  2. Get at least a Degree
  3. Skyjump
  4. Live abroad
  5. Own my own gig venue
  6. Get my name listed in history book or in history.
  7. Wear tudung
  8. Be a person my family can be proud of
8 things I say often -
  1. Yeah right!
  2. Skejap!! (such a slacker!)
  3. Haruslah.
  4. Mu elok skeetttt (yg ni kene influence org ganu)
  5. Wazza hommie!
  6. Boleh, ape plak xleh?? (Influence Adly)
  7. Zmaarrt!
  8. Bosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!!
8 books I’ve recently read -

  1. True Confessions
  2. She Woke Up Married
  3. Bookends
  4. Are You Afraid of The Dark?
  5. Adam dan Hawa (bosan okeh??)
  6. Lost for Words
  7. Chinese Whispers
  8. Introduction to Mass Communication in the Digital Age
8 songs I could listen to over and over again -

Oh god, do i have too?
  1. Everyday by Dish
  2. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
  3. Faith by Seven Collar T-Shirt
  4. All Apologies by Nirvana
  5. Black by Pearl Jam
  6. Silverchair's Across The Night
  7. Drown by Nervedeless
  8. Yuna's Deeper Conversation
8 things that attract me to my best friends -
  1. She's easy to talk to.
  2. Same wavelength.
  3. Likable, tolerable
  4. She can tolerate me.
  5. Cute, perky, easy on the eyes.
  6. She can talk some sense into me when others cant.
  7. Not pushy, but persuasive.
  8. We share...everything. No secrets.

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