Chapter 3


Giving up. Letting go slowly. Tomorrow marks the 3rd month but I think im letting all hopes lose. Penat lah. As more people got to know bout it, the more i feel bored with the situations. More and more friends know about it now. Some have been really supportive that it surprises me. I didn't think the person i want to hide it the most from, can be the most supportive. His best friend, my closest male friend. He even suggested for us to go out on a double date. Funny!

I tried giving up not a while ago. For 2 weeks i didn't see him, didn't talk to him. No text messages, no YM, nothing. And a friend may developed an interest towards him too. So yeah, i wanted to give up then. Didn't check if his car was parked in front of my place as it usually is, didn't care, wasn't expecting and then...i saw him.

Back from his class, with his friends. And as usual he started his car to go out to eat. But that day, he waited. For all of us to go together. It seems like i need to really give up on him to finally get him. Who knows that might happen. And who knows, something else might happen also. After all, anything can happen in a month.

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