There's no U in me


Take a step back. Breath.
That's what Emon told me to do. I need to get out of it all for a while and come to realization of what and how things are. Maybe I've given too much thought about it but don't quite see it.
So leave for a while. Reevaluate.

For every person who have talked to me about this and tried to help out, Emon gave the best insight.
She made me stop and think. She was the only one that pointed out that maybe, just maybe I'm not THAT vulnerable after all. I might be the stronger one.

Now, I need to find that stable ground.
Because in the end, there's too much care and attachment to allow it to fall apart.

Dan bagi seorang lain yang aku pernah punya rasa.
Sudah tiada apa lagi. Bukan disebabkan masa, aku tanpa kuasa dan tak mampu lagi berikan rasa.

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