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Hey! I've been on the internet hiatus for 3 days, did anyone actually miss me?
No? Oh well. Can't force the feeling.

I shut myself out from FB, blog, twitter and phone so that I won't keep checking on it expecting someone, anyone to twit/text/write to me. Hilanglah family bonding session macam tu kan? For the past 3 days, my family (the whole extended family) berkampung at Balok Seaview Resort for our 2011 Family Day. We got the whole resort to ourselves, and it does feel as if we are in the same kampung.

On the first day, we welcomed everyone with goodies bag and apples at the registration counter. This year, we were sponsored t-shirts by Ayah Joe for every single person who attended. And there were nearly 200 of us. The first agenda of the weekend is welcoming speech by Bah Alang (my oldest uncle) and lucky draw! Tahun ni punya lucky draw awesome please! There were 87 prizes, including TVs, Blue Ray DVD players, Dr. M's Doctor in the house, Tupperwares and so much more. I won a drill for myself. What I will do with it? God knows!

Later that evening, we had a session of beach rounders. Family tradition. Tapi kali ni main sekejap sangat. Semua orang tak puas. Nak nak lagi ramai cousins, nieces and nephews dah besar. Dulu semua duduk sideline tengok je adults main. Ni diorang pun dah join sekali. 2 team memang besar lah. Ada agaknya 15 orang satu team. Habis 7 round rounders yang tak memuaskan itu (sebab kalah by 1 point), semua terjun kolam. Even Abah mandi kolam. Unsangkarable! Siap main terjunan gaya bebas dengan Abang Ben.

Malam, tahlil and solat berjemaah. I didnt go sebab dah start demam. Melepek dalam bilik. Sehingga lah dinner time. Ingin diberitahu gambar waktu makan langsung takde sebab too busy eating. And I didn't take a lot of pictures sbb too busy doing other things. So ada gambar is from other people punya cameras.

Dan ini gambar paling penting: Family Photo!

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  1. Besaqnyaaaa family hangggg. Ehh drill best laaaaa!!!


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