Hampir ke penghujung


Yeah, so the hectic lifestyles of USM students is nearing end for us. Well, in about a month. Its exam month for all of us and we are now in preparation to battle examination. The Penang War Museum and nom nom trip with Dr. Shu will have to wait.

Just came back from KL for the study break. Which I didn't do anything much except meet up with friends and family but still fail to have a session of Feed Me Weekend. Takpe! 2 weeks to go! Then it is the ultimate Feed Me Weekend with all of ABCBs at Balok Seaview Resort! Family dayyyyyy!

Until then, sila duduk diam-diam kat Penang dan study untuk exam. Kewangan pun tak memberi kebenaran untuk keluar bersuka-ria bagi belaan makan best2 kan? Which reminds me, I still have not paid for USM yuran. Esok shall go lepas habis paper. Please Penang, jangan panas sangat?

Pictures from last weekend, with Timah and 2/5 Happy Pills at Konsert Gadis Semasa Sunsilk. Damn padat, nasib baik tak basah dengan berpeluh. And thank you for singing songs that I can sing along to Yuna, Hujan and Ella! One Nation Emcee walaupun tak tau sangat lagu, performance dorang best! Melda? Lucky, but I can't say she own the night even though its supposed to be hers.

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