Cuando Seas Mia


When I found you, I will let everybody know about you, but never share you. I'll keep you to myself.
When I meet you, it will feel like warm water giving me the prickly sensation on my skin.
I'll instantly feel it.
When I see you, my eyes will be closed. My sight is through my heart.
When I touch you, I'll know it will be you. Walking with me till the end of the road. 
Road made of old wood and rusted nails, weaken by sunlight and sea water.

Until that time, it will only be me on the boardwalk.

* * * * * * * * *

I'm home. The pull is stronger here, telling me, assuring me what I'm not.
It doesn't kill me anymore stabbed with words sharper than blades.
I'm the star of my own drama. The plot have now reached the falling action, and I'm just waiting for the resolution.

Oh I forgot. The script write itself. And I, the star of the show, wants to leave before it ends.

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