Fooling around in April


Nak blog emo post pulak okay? Dah hujung sem ni, kenapa kerja tak sudah jugak lagi? I still have 4 presentations to prepare. 1 of them is for internship, and another is for Promotional Writing group project which we will present during study week, mind you! And i still have 1 individual assignment to hand in after my presentation. Oh Suhrawardi, you are interesting. But I can't date you anymore. You are exhausting! And I will need to crack my head open to fully understand you.

I must remind myself. STAY AWAY FROM PHILOSOPHERS WITH NAMES THAT STARTS WITH S. I've had Socrates, and now Suhrawardi. Both menyakitkan otak. Im still in love with philosophy though. Can't deny that.

To end this semester, I got 3 eventful outings planned.

  • To go to Hadnyai on 9th of April.
  • Fake tourist trip to Penang War Museum with my happy pills.
  • Nom nom trip with Dr. Shu, my Promotional Writing course lecturer. We sort of offered ourselves in her class when she said she don't know where to take people out when they visit Penang.

What else? I can't wait for exam to finish on 29th April. I will fly back to KL straight, and hope that I will be just in time for ABCB's family day. Oh! Here are some pictures of my first gig after 3 years. 3 tahun! Can you believe it? This is from Rock4Rights at Fort Cornwallis, Penang. Im going to say it here - put it on the record, I am now a fan of Car Crash Hearts and An Honest Mistake.

Now for the emo part. Should God decide that I am able to leave here and be there, I will need to leave on the same night of Abang E's wedding in Kuantan, or the very next day. Because that's the only choice I have. To be able to stay and be there with my family as well as for my big brother. To take this positively, I will have everyone in one place. Sempat jumpa semua. Negatively, I will take away the attention. Perasan much? Okay. Lets say I will be gone on the day after the wedding. Nanti takde orang hantar. Sebab semua kat Kuantan. Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Pastu tak boleh jumpa sampai tahun depan. Dahlah raya sorang-sorang.

OKAY STOP IT! Over thinking already. You've been doing it a lot now a days Farah Hani. Nah pin, pop your own bubble. Eh jap, last nak nag. I want baju kaftan warna lilac to wear on Abang E's wedding! Help?

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