Manja please!


Just updated my status on FB - rasa tercabar dengan penulisan Tangsue. She's gooooood! If she's not my twin, Ill be damn jealous and will always stalk her just so I can trash talk her behind her back. Hah! Melayu much? Im suppose to be doing work for Promotional Writing which involves designing, editing and creating the adverts for our product. DIEDED! I'm not even an art person. Seriously, waktu-waktu begini amat memerlukan khidmat Ken dan Andre. Sia-sia je download Photoscape, pastu tak reti pakai jugak. I need to come up with an ad that looks like this, I've been using Paint. Old school kan?

Sengaja sidetrack kan diri because I just woke up, started a bit of work, feel inferior, therefore blog. Konon-konon polishing my skills. Oh, I need to tell the going ons here in Penang. I have lost my title as Mak Tiri, and also my credibility to be garang as perceived by others. I am friends with people who are mighty cute and manja max. So naturally, they brought out the manja-ness in me too. I was SO NOT manja okay. And I am terrified when people realise that I am manja with them. If I am manja, it means I have opened up a little bit too much to you. And I definitely have opened up a lot to the girls here. I can't be that attach. >.<

I told Millie about it and her theory is that I've always been manja but I never show it. And I've always been surrounded by boys in college therefore its my defence mechanism to be garang. Furthermore, I am one of the boys there kan. Gila kau nak jadi manja, gedik, mengada dengan diorang? Kena lempang laju-laju tak pasal je. Now that I am with people who are so rajin to melayan perangai mengada-ngada, manja-ness UNLEASHED!

Seriously, almost everyone here melayan kalau I whine (hello, Hani whine? unheard of!) or pretend merajuk Yonkey, Tangsue, Grobuela, Diamond, Mini, Muncheekins, Ciara, Mas, Pumpum, Dieyla, Cip, Ieda, Emy, Aienul, Shidah, semua kot! Melayan je. And they themselves are like that too. So full of love. Can't stop yourself from loving them instantly. And we all sweet talk / flirt with each other. Comel tak? Like this morning, I came into class and  got a text message: Cantik outfit harini!

I'm the sort who loves giving out hugs and its so so fun to know that every time, I will receive one myself. Munchee is not exactly one who is used to getting hugs, and now she is. Perangai semua rub off to each other. Hey girls, don't use this against me preaseee!

 Diamond, Ciara, Grobuela, Tangsue, me, Mini (matilah korang nak dapat nama betul!)

Top to bottom: Ieda Kiring, Ainul Kibam, Yonkey, Muncheekins.

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