A postcard arrived in my mail. Along with it, came a smile


I have expected this postcard to arrive well before it was bought. Boleh tak? Hehehehehe. And that was written in it as well. Lama tunggu okay. Exactly a week! I checked my mailbox every time I pass it after the first 3 days. Rupanya it extended 4 days more. So its finally here! And I'm happy! Nyaaaaaaaaa (n.n)

Another sort of 'letter' came through my Gmail. I got an internship! Finally! I am among the last person to get a confirmation. Dr. Shu must have been relieved. I was the one holding her back to proceed with everyone's internship process. Maaf bagi semua pelajar tahun dua Pusat Pengajian Komunikasi.

InsyaAllah I will start my internship at Bates141 Malaysia mid May. I already confirmed with them that I will join them until July. Sexcited! Balik KL nak check what's the fastest and easiest way to get to the office at Mid Valley City tanpa perlu menyusahkan Abah.

Now, the only letter I hope I can receive is news about my scholarship. InsyaAllah.
And I'll have wider grin, sweeter smile then. =)

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