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I nak tunjuk betapa penuh kain baju atas katil belum berlipat, BUT I can't find my camera under the bundle. Jadi memadai pakai webcam. Kisahnya, mengemas pakaian yang nak hantar balik rumah, nak tinggalkan sehingga habis sem dan nak bawa balik Kuantan, berserta pakaian yang baru dicuci hari ini. Kalau nampak apa-apa yang tak patut nampak, buat-buat tak nampak.

Dan ini, teaser dari trip penutup sem 2. Hiking di Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, berkelah di Pantai Kerachut!

Semalam, Sunday was a hell of a day. I wasn't really tired of the hiking but I was emo. On Saturday I spent hours of fun around people; laughing like crazy, sharing jokes, teasing each other, and then suddenly...NONE! To make matter worse, none of them was online, and I wasn't really in the socialising mode so I just stayed in my hot stuffy room. I wanted to go out on my own but the weather was too hot that thinking about going out is already exhausting.

So what did I do? I 'pack' my clothes. Thus the pile you see in the picture. It is still here though. On the floor, waiting to be magically folded by house elves. Sigh. If only. Eventually I did go out. Asked Cip to take me to the bank, buy my cleanser, buy food, AND had a haircut+hairwash for RM3 only. Felt so much better afterwards.

3 things that can save my sanity in CG:
The TV Room
The air-conditioned study room
The Kiki Girls rooms on first floor. Nasib lah bilik Emy, Ieda and Shida sederet. Senang! Turun bawah jumpa semua.

What else helped my mood semalam? Korean variety show 2 Days 1 Night! With new addition Uhm Taewoong. The balance is back. 6 people now, so the group can be divided to Old Boys and Young boys again. I still miss Kim C and MC Mong though. Oh well, they're still the funniest bunch! 
KBS, don't cancel the show. I'll have the worst case of withdrawal syndrome. Lagi teruk dari Weeds.

On another note, I think I really am a Penguin. Dulu masa kecik, panas sikit naik rashes. Muka merah. Tak tahan langsung. Orang panggil Puteri Lilin. Sekarang ni, asal panas je emo, nak marah, keadaan cuaca yang sangat tak sesuai dengan emosi. Pastu pergi porong rambut. Hahahaha dah jadi habit!

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