my MUM is reading my blog!


Shit!!!! Why do i have such a bigmouth? Tulah..excited nyer hal separuh dunia nak bagitau. The worst thing is; she's giving my url to her friends! Oh well. Dont say i didnt warn you when i already did. Pardon the language. My place, my space. I'll write what i want. Coz seriously, what i cant say but want to will go here. Nasib lah yer..

Request: there will be things i dont say to you face to face, so if you do read it here..pretend u dont know. Until i tell you so. (it will be like a way of me telling u without telling u.)

P/s: Im not a wild child! hehehe
P/s2: After this, most of my friends name will be alias to cover their identity.

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  1. You're darn right I'm reading your blog!

    Wait till you get home! No dinner for you tonite!!!

    - Your Mum

  2. Alright imposter! Dats ok, im not coming home. Hehehehe


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