Penat lah!


Today marks the 4th day of my diarrhea attack. And i am definitely pooping water. More like spraying poop. Penattttt!

Dan tadi saya telah ke klinik untuk mendapatkan rawatan. Doktor mencadangkan masuk air dan vitamin kerana saya telah dehidrated. Without thinking about her poking needle to my skin, i said yes. And it hurts! Dahlah masuk ubat. Pastu suruh makan liquid antibiotic which tastes urgh AND 9 various shapes, sizes and colours pills. Waah to top it of i have to swallow it with air garam. Thank you very much.

Kak Su and Achik sent me there, kesian they had to wait for the whole bottle to finish dripping slowly. So they went to the salon across the street. RM12 hairwash and blow? Gila murah! While getting the treatment, I read New Moon and text with friends. Tapi kawan2 tak reply msg and the story is soooo slow, plus its hard to read with a needle in one of my arm, so i doze off.

Bila bangun dah lah mamai, sekali dengar charges RM190, i was like what? Frikkin expensive! Gila betol. Suicidal charges. Risau dah, sure neni bising. Nasib baik kak Su tolong top up. Kalau tak, sure im left there xleh nak bayar. Hahahaha. Padan muka! Delay lagi pergi clinic. Kalau tak its not gonna be that expensive la kot kan?

Doctor gave me MC for today and tomorrow. Yay! Which means im staying here longer for the TLC. Tapi this is my second time I missed classes on Monday and Friday. Last week sakit mata. Elok sungguh. Apsal tahun berpenyakit eh? Dahlah raya haji haritu kene allergies. Bad year! Its unfair! I dont even like eating ox. This year should be a good one for me. Aih!

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