Highlight the point in last post in which I said I managed to stay of gigs for the past 3months and keep my new year's resolution. Ha-ha! I broke it last Saturday.

Went to 1Cafe to meet up with Rauf and Ash. Kawan2 lama yg dah hebat. Heh! Kamek rindu nyaorg! Susah menar mok jumpa. At first lepak bawah je dengan Yana, Kuyeh and Rauf. Tak plan nak naik to gig pun sebab I don't want to spend money on ticket. Tapi Rauf nak naik, Kuyeh nak naik and he definitely will drag Yana in using his tag. I wasn't to be left alone downstairs. Asked Kuyeh to borrow anyone's tag to get inside. Yang dia seboleh-boleh suruh sneak in. Buat cuak je. Then Kuyeh bumped into his friend, who told him: boleh masuk pakai tag crew tapi kene mintak sebab aku baru je ambik untuk Rizan. Kuyeh yang terbaik dapat point besar nak mengacau memang emphasis gila2 kat nama tu.

Which makes me jumpy and shaky and DESPERATE to get in to the gig so that I could get away. We borrowed Eshut's tag (so actually, I didnt break my resolution) and got in. Masuk dalam terus carik Rauf and Ash. Comfort zone. Dah tenang dah. Tengok Prognosis Death perform, then had to get home for family dinner. Aha! Just the right timing, I was about to go home and he came up. Thank god he didn't saw me because I wouldn't know how to act. I seriously don't. I fled home.

All I can say to myself is, padan muka. Tuhan nak tunjuk. Dah buat janji dengan diri sendiri tanak pergi gig. Ambek kau, sekali pergi dapat apa yang tanak. But what the hell, got to spend time dengan Rauf and Ash, last skali jumpa at Milly's farewell on August. Yana and Kuyeh was great too. Lama tak bergaduh dengan si mata stim tu.

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