Benefits of stalking


Sometimes when I'm bored late at night with internet connection at my finger tips, I stalk people on myspace. Especially schoolkids that I love to hate so much. Bagi pahala free kat mereka ni sebab aku dok mengutuk je kan. Dahtu they're hilarious wannabes. What was i to do?

So anyway, last night came across a comment. With pictures of Crocs Malindi. You should know by now that I'm currently saving up for a turquoise, size 8 Malindi because no one has yet given it to me despite my request for it as a birthday present. The girl left her phone number along with an advert saying she is selling those shoes at RM90 a piece! Hell of a bargain! Its actually Rm130.

I saved her phone number last night, and text her when I woke up this morning (trying not to sound too eager and failed to do so).

She still hasn't replied. I've been waiting for the past 3 hours! I think I should call her.

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