13++ friend's pet name way off from their real names!


I love learning about people's name and pet names. Because their name represent them and its a part of their personality. My mum said my friends have weird names. I can't argue with that. Their names might be eccentric and unsuitable but that's what make them different in their own way. We need diversity! Even in names. I have always have this talent of remembering names. Both full name and pet names because I have at least 70 cousins but I'm really bad with numbers. I'm weird like that. Anyways, here goes..

  1. Cwoo: Muhd Fazrul Aziz
  2. Andre: Muhd Abdul Razief
  3. Payan: Muhammad Farhan
  4. Ash: Abang Ashraf
  5. Cepot: Saiful Anwar
  6. Pakchaq: Muhammad Nizam
  7. Punat: Khairul Anwar
  8. Deklan: Ezran Shah
  9. Ken: Redzman Ukun
  10. Blur: Kamil Haziq
  11. Louis: Saiful Azwan (not Cepot's brother)
  12. Sayoq: Muhd Zuhaily Badlishah
  13. Ann: Nabilla Fathee
  14. Awin: Diana Nuzuin
  15. Kecik: Nur Izrinda Izzaty
  16. Phia: Sofia Zarith
  17. Kiwie: Tun Nurul Ain
  18. Kuyeh: Tengku Ahmad Faris
  19. Milly: Iza Sharmila
  20. Nana: Nur Al' Izzah Razanah
  21. Ajis: Ahmad Fazli
  22. Nik: Salhah
  23. Chong: Rafiq
  24. Emon: Nur Izzati
  25. Ashley: Asliza
  26. Rangga: Azmirul
  27. Zack: Zuruel Haziq
  28. Dida: Siti Nadirah
  29. No'on: Nurul Atiqah
  30. Mike: Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar

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