First impression counts


Judgemental. I'll allow that kind of impression towards myself. I'm a person who always trust my first impression. If i don't like a person, then I don't. If later in life it so happens that person is my close friend, so be it. I still stand by my first impression.

I've always been proud of who I make friends with. Never the wrong person. Always the right kind of people. But everyone has their own dark side. Some develop it earlier (thus, I stayed away from them) and some turned ugly after I have befriended them. That can't be help. I didn't say I didn't try, but how can I help people who doesn't want to help themselves? Time wasting effort.

I make friends through friends. Whoever I am close to, I have another friend I should be thankful for. I don't know how to make friends on my own. I have trust issues. But thankfully, all the guy friends I have now, I trust them. With the condition, we are platonic. I would always prefer to have a guy as my friend than as an interest. Or as a friend first, then as an interest. It takes time to get to know a person, and by being friends first I would at least get a glimpse of him as a boyfriend, as a son, as a family person. The different sides of him. I want to take time before making a concrete relation to a person. I'm old fashion, live with it.

I made a decision of jumping into things once. And when everything is over, I see how things changed. How one thing changed a person. I know I shouldn't care, shouldn't bother. But compassion is in my nature and I feel obligated to help. I nearly got myself involve, again. Thank god, I have friends who made me come to my senses. Just when I thought the friends I cared too much for is simply a fun phase, they lend their shoulders to me. They reach out to me.

Its true, I never made the wrong friends. Just the wrong relationships.
And my first impression is always correct =)

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  1. wut was ur 1st impression on 'him'?

  2. so, kiranya first impression u kat i is good la? yeay! miss uuuuuuuuuu!

  3. seorang lelaki seharusnya memilih isterinya,
    wanita itu dia akan dipilih sebagai yang terbaik kawan,dimana dia seorang lelaki yang berperempuan..: )


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