Points in random and randomness in points


  • I freak out everytime Livefeed tells me a reader just arrived from Puchong.
  • I want to re-vemp colours for the blog.
  • People dont care about me, I dont give a shit but I still care about them.
  • I want to care less about other people. but when i do, i turned into a bitter person.
  • Im almost always fierce to everyone now days, i need to have a neutralizer.
  • I just accepted to join something but Im worried I wont even try to fit in.
  • I need to stop procrastinating.
  • Need to figure out financial solution regarding projek rahsia.
  • I dont remember how feeling nice feels because I've been empty for a while.
  • I need to be nicer to friends, its not they're fault they are annoying.
  • I need to spend less on food.
  • Don't know how to spend the week holiday.
  • Need to find people outside the same circle.
  • I have a flood in my toilet.
  • And sumthing in my right eye.
  • Im thinking of getting a haircut.
  • By the end of the year, I will get my hair highlighted purple because tantiey has agreed to fund it.
  • I'll worry about the extended families' reaction afterwards.
  • I'll cover my head if Im not allowed in campus ground.
  • So far, I've manage to stay off gigs for 3months.
  • That's about the only new year resolution Im able to keep.
  • I got 2 interviews for magazine articles that I haven't even start yet.
  • I thought I can't live without Myspace, hey whadya know? I can!
  • My initial FH may actually stands for False Hope. Ive been getting a lot of that.
  • Im so looking forward to finish my diploma, start a new drama!
  • Even at 20, I still filter who I make friends with.
  • And yet i complain about having people from the same circle.
  • Nak pergi bundle! And spend spend spend!
  • Nak pergi Penang!!!! To spend spend spend!
  • Nak balik Semenyih and Kuantan to stuff myself!
  • Im annoyed that someone I dont want to be related to used the same concept of photo as profile pic. Apa lagi nak sama?
  • Penatlah.
  • Oh, this is new news. Not only my mum is reading my blog. My dad declared that he is also reading Serendipity and bookmarked it in his PC. Yay?
  • I got over the issue of personal space invasion dah. That just wont work with parents.
  • I can always make my blog private if I want to. But where's the fun in it?
  • I'll find things to wank some more..

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  1. babe, if you wanna change your color scheme let me know, i'll try to work a new blogheader for you :)

  2. i will support u honey..: )
    let's go to bundle..
    spend time together..: )
    very cheap n reasonable!!
    saja membakar semangat untuk ke pulau pinang..: )

  3. Kak Lisha, can u stop saying hi to my parents???!!
    Frikkin annoying.

    With that sed, yes nk blog header baru pls. Kita brainstorm tagline baru. I dont feel funny anymore. Im almost always cranky.

    Arif, awk blk dr kelantan dah? Jum!! pegi penang! Sy nk pg bookstore yg awk ckp tu. Dah termimpi2 dah.

  4. Hi Leisya!

    Can I order your great Lemon Cake here? Sorry Fa...just to indicate,
    I'm still your BIG FAN!!! uhuh!!!



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