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The plague of the 25 random things list is circulating wildly in facebook, and I am now not only a narcissistic blogger. I am also a bona fide WANKER! Thanks kak sha! Because unlike other people..I wrote 50 instead of 25. Heh!

1. I dont eat mayo mixed with chilli sauce. Separately i do, not together. I just cant swallow it.

2. I dont eat fruits with nasi. Which means buah-buahan jadi jeruk, or masak dlm gulai, thanks but ill pass. Oh yeah, including rojak buah.

3. I still bite my nails.

4. I like the drug-addict look. Tall, thin, lanky. Visible collarbone and jawbone. And clean cut looking guys.

5. But it seems I got messy ones instead. Aih!

6. I use to be a tomboy.

7. I have no Chinese bloodline whatsoever.

8. I dont miss school that much.

9. Opticians told me Im blind.

10. I want to be able to drive legally, but I hate driving.

11. I dont work well with datelines and restrictions.

12. My guilty pleasure is Ayu by VE

13. I never wear skirts or dresses during high school years.

14. And now when I finally am, my mum is laughing at me.

15. I hate pink.

16. My grandma gave me a t-shirt saying 'i love pink' for my 17th birthday. Cynical.

17. I use to think wearing black is the greatest fashion sense. So i only wear black. Plus its slimmimg!

18. Now Im venturing to other colours.

19. I own only one pair of shoes/slippers/sandal at one time. i wear it everywhere.

20. I have an old fashion mindset. Its not exactly open.

21. I dont believe in courtship. Im not against it though.

22. As much as I like a guy, I dont make any effort.

23. My family is above all in everything.

24. Im a little on the big side, but I love my body. I like it as it is.

25. I want to be married in Semenyih.

26. I come from a family of readers and writers. We love books. At some point in their lives, both my parents wrote for something.

27. Sangat sangat sangat benci bila terkena lecak, selut, lopak air dan air yg menitik. Unless its my intention to do so.

28. Im a water person!

29. I love going to the cinemas to watch the latest movies too much that my dad banned me from doing it during my SPM year.

30. I like going to the movies alone sebab tak leceh.

31. Aside from the fact that Im a girl, I hate typical girl stereotypes like bersiap lewat. Its annoying.

32. I love making lists.

33. I don’t wear make up because when I do, somehow my hands will rub something off. Smudge my eyeliner or lick off my gloss. Mesti!

34. I have a temper. And I cant control it at home.

35. I want to make it into Cleo’s 25 under 25 list.

36. I love jazz, folk, acoustic and slow songs. Lagu2 mengurat.

37. I want to dye my hair purple. Someday I will!

38. Im jeans and t-shirt kinda girl sebab malas. It’s a blessing I found Phia, Yana and Sara sebab dorang pun camtu.

39. Im close to my best friend’s 3 recent ex-girlfriends. One is my cousin, one is my confidante and one is my legitimate girlfriend.

40. I think the simplest satisfaction is the feeling after I took a dump.

41. I hate flirts and sweet talkers.

42. I only get my menstrual once or twice a year. Im a mess, I know!

43. I don’t have an eyelid on my right eye.

44. I cant shop with my mum. Don’t have the patience.

45. Neni is the best shopping companion. She always chooses the best things!

46. My all time favourite movie is Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands starring who else, Johhny Depp!

47. Im attracted to quirky weird stuff and people who dares to be different.

48. I think toilets in Malaysia should install fans, I will in mine.

49. According to my friends, I ogle at girls more than I do at men.

50. Im feisty among close friends and housemates. But when im exhausted, i develop another personality. Very soft-spoken and super nice. They love me more when im tired.

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  1. buat 100 terus ah fah! faster faster im waiting to read your wanking.


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