Pertandingan mewarna/ assignment kasi pecah otak


For Miss Adlene's Publication, Design & Layout class on Wednesday we were instructed to bring A3 size paper and colours. So without suspecting anything, we followed and came to class.

Dan kejutannya adalah, we were to design 3 different types of TYPOGRAPHY! Disco, traditional and natural.
Yezzaaa! Aku pulak memang hebat melukis ni kan? Buat straight line pun fail. The best part was, class starts at 2. we came at 2.30 AND had to hand in the assignment at 3.45. CHAMPION! Padan muka dilly-dally lagi.

Disebabkan kelas panas teramat sangat, i was sweating like mad. The surface to sketch on was too small and i was in a bad mood, i left class. Buat outside. Sorry yea kawan-kawan? I would prefer to be alone rather than snapping at you people. I sucked at drawing and a perfectionist in a weird way when it comes to art projects therefore I can't allow myself to be bothered by distraction. Dahlah panas, hati pun panas. Semak betul.

Anyways, here are some of the typographs. Agak kreatif jugak eh korang? Tapi sumpah kelakar tengok the boys trying to out do each other. Last2 bila colour dah smudge. Ramzi buat design nak hebat, tiru Arie. Bila sampai part warna bising pulak marah Arie sebab banyak sangat elements. Heh!

Mine! Although not very appealing, I like it!

These 2, Farah & Hana lagi perfectionist. Teliti sgt, they were the first to start and last to finish.

Sha did her soon to born baby's name. Comel kan?

Look at Cwoo's C!

Cwoo's statement: Ak ella! Nyesal aku buat C besar. Banyak pulak nak me-ngaler!

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