Im am currently at Semenyih, blogging. Tak mandi-mandi lagi.
No one is at home. Toto, Neni and Along went to Pekan for a wedding.
Tantiey is working, Anteyna and Abg P'John went to Bangi.
The monkids is here but playing with themselves. Angah went out.
Tok Lat is at Kuang for a wedding also. Tante Mimi and Kak Mis is cooking.
Eriq is sleeping, but is awake and crying because Wawa(me) dah tak reti nak tidurkan dia.
And I have been pooping for the past 3 days. At the rate I am, Im going to poop water next.

Balik Semenyih best tapi I missed going to Tanchap semalam. Khabarnya ARUS perform pakai baju Melayu. And Im a sucker for people yang embrace their culture di situasi yg tak berapa memerlukan pemakaian sebegitu. Hello, what do you expect from a girl who gets turned on by looking at guys praying?

Call me quirky, tapi bila tengok lelaki semayang memang cairrrr beb! Nak lagi time dorang tarik sikit seluar kat bahagian peha sebelum rukuk. Little things that attract me. Dahlah susah nak cari orang yang semayang sekarang nih.

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