Almost true crap.


You are the hopeless romantic type. You dream of your prince charming all the time. You sometimes find yourself staring at the guy you have a crush on and get caught. You are called the guy stealer perhaps or something on those lines. You aren't though. Either the guys fall for you or you know that if they don't have a ring on their finger then they aren't taken. You are nice though and helpful. You like to hang out with your friends at the mall (guy paradise). You can't get over guys but that's ok and you know it!

*I did a quiz bout the type of girl I am. And got that. Almost true. Except the guy stealer part.

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  1. So you're the one who stole my Shrek!

    Can't you find someone uglier? Or blue instead of green? He's my man and you'd better give him back to me!

    Princess Fiona

  2. Im not a bf stealer! U point out the false fact. He's all urs. Although, i do kinda like him. Hehehe..thx for visiting my blog!


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