Another addiction


Fourth post in one day. Its official. Im addicted to blogging. You see!! This is the very reason i dont want to start a blog. Ill get addicted. Anyhow!! What do i get my grandpa tersayang, the only one i have, for his 61st bday present?? Crap. Dahla tak call on his bday. Im an ungrateful grandchild. Waaaahhh!!! Camne nak kuar esok pagi? Shit. Abah has hes class in the morning, abg ayis; car service thing, k.lina; hopeless. Shit! Its freakin 2 in the morning. And im worried about this. Why oh why didnt i call on he's birthday. At least, i wouldnt feel so guilty bout forgetting hes pres.

Thats it. If i have no present for toto tomorrow, muka tebal but still balik semenyih.

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