13++ things i dont get about people..


  1. Girls that go "OMG! im so fat and ugly!! Look kat my flabby waist." Eyh bodo, if u r not fat or ugly, u are not entitle to say those thing. Perasan tak org yg cakap bende2 ni mostly are preety hot.
  2. 12 year old kids that look like sluts and post pictures that reveals. Hello!! Paham2 la kecik lagi. Nak pakai bikini laa..xde bende nak flaunt pon. Selagi ur not 16 ur a kid. Remember that, and act like one.
  3. People who talk in the cinemas...phone conversations! Plain stupid idiots.
  4. Those who find a way to make enemies, contohnye pg baca comment org and then nak sebok2 terasa and blame the person who receives or post the comment. Eyh, u yg gi bace kan? Ape masalah? Denial and insecure.
  5. Wearing tudung on and off. Sensitive issue. Malas nk elaborate, sendiri faham.
  6. Bende2 yg dah tau salah tapi naaaakk jugak buat. Go figure!
  7. People who is bloody rich sampai taktau how to spend it. Mane dapat duit??
  8. Those who dont eat. Rugi la wey. How can u not eat?
  9. Those who chews with their mouth open and speak with their mouth full.. "Pecapp..pecaapp" Sound effects!! Horor tau!
  10. Putting dirty dishes in the sink without clearing the plate first. Urrgh!!
  11. Little things yg dijadikan besar, by OTHER people!
  12. Prank calls and sms. Bazir kredit la. Owh! and replying ok. Just ok. Ok
  13. wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs..x ke susah nk bace? menyusahkan hidop!
  14. People who dont get what other people do and make a list of it. Like me. I dont get me.

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