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Hullo people, sorry but org bosan yg xde kerje dan addicted to blogging is going to rant again. I have decided to list down sides of my family so that korang takkan confuse. Ok, here's the thing. My mum is the 7th child of 13 siblings. And my dad, hes the 10th of twelve. Go figure! Obviously family i ramai! And i even have my own side. So that makes 3 kampongs ok? Lets list down one by one with a lil' bit of intro.

ABCB aka Anak Beranak Che B; my maternal family, the Kuantan side. Che B is my grandma so this family mane yg ade sangkut paut masoklah sume! Yang ni nak list down family members susah sebab memanglah besar. Surely you'll be dead bored and bloody confuse when i finished. Even new family members yg join in by marriage pon x hafal all the names and relation. Heck! Even i dont get it all. Anyway, to join in is easy...u have to know how to mix, and mingle, cook(especially men) for many, and EAT your heart out. Coz this side of the family..when we gather, we eat, joy and be merry. No joke! makan itu penting; thus, the trademark body size. Heh heh heh!

The Kajang clan; My dad's side. Yang ni conservative sikit. And a bit pious. But i love them all the same. Lepak with this side pon same jugak. We eat, we dine, we talk, we have fun. Dah kumpul ramai-ramai, tak jadi kerja lah. Galak sakan!

The Mondoque: My Sweet Semenyih clan. You have seen the pictures. So what else i can say? We rawk! We're crazy, we're fun, We're lovey dovey almost all the time. So we rawk. We just do.

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