Im in Kuantan!


Hello, ppl! Sorry havent been updating. Im still away from home. Got back from semenyih last saturday and directly went to Kuantan. Cuti with ABCB.

Meet up with a friend of mine Nadea just now. First met her here, then she moved to Kl to study and end up only meeting her here. Never in Kl. Even when both of us are in KL. Very interesting meet up.

SHE KNOWS AMIR!! NOR AMIR aka Sweet Starbucks Guy.

Yes Liea, yes Milly, amir. The Amir in genting. And also Haidir. The 1st Starbucks guy.
Turns out Both of them are from Kuantan! Wazzap hommies!!!
Oh man. im in seventh heaven. Hahahahahaha!!!

Updates later. Im blogging in a very orange and crappy CC near IKIP.
Keyboard pon xde huruf. Trashy! Tapi addicted to blogging and NEED to online kan? Have to put up with it.

And Nadea, I love u!!! Stick with Zahir! Mwaaah!!!

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