Im home in Sweet Semenyih!


New day, new beginning! Im finally back home in Semenyih! WooooHooo! 3cheers for abah and mummy for giving me the lift. And another set of cheers for taking me out to shop for tot's present. Since semalam the whole night panicking bout not having present for toto, i didnt sleep at all. Glad that there are still a few friends who is online in the wee hours of the morning. Really need ideas for the gift. And finally after subuh prayers, i realised something. Since toto love drinking lots of water, why dont i get him a BIG ASS DRINKING GLASS? hell yea! A eureka moment! So bile dah excited and hyper, plan to try get a bit of sleep goes haywire. Next thing on the list...wrap neni's gift and so i did. Then only i can sleep.

Awaken by Milly around 9. Thanx babe. I love u for doing that walaupun i tau u malas. Shower, got a call from ya..abah Nal* gonna pick me up and later gonna go shopping and then..the long awaited journey to Semenyih! Fast forward a few hours, went to Great Eastern Mall. Browse to a few home deco store to find the BIG ASS DRINKING GLASS but with no availaility. So we went down to centre court again. Hate the fact im freakin hungry and had to walk past starbucks. The aromaaaa~~

Finally Ya mentioned a store called 'Barang-barang' on the top floor. Memule masuk mcm xde harapan nak jumpe, pusing2 kat dalam tu and finally found the perfect glass. I end up buying 2. Another one for abah Nal since his birthday is next week. Oh..sweet sweet succsess.

I have to say, the best thing throughout the day is not that i managed to get a present for toto. but the company im with. The car ride was funny, cozy, homey, comfy. And i missed that too. Dah lame sgt tak get together with this 2nd family of mine. I missed talking to Ya, laughing at Syaniz, teasing Pinat, hearing mummy laugh till tears come out from her eyes, and abah...the man who does everything for everyone. I may never say this outloud to u guys, but I love u people!!!

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  1. Ok, which of the three pretty girls are u?

    Or are u the sweet lady with the sweet gentleman?

  2. the girl with weird head expression.

  3. Darn...!

    All three have weird head expressions. But the weirdest is the rightmost. So that's you.

    The face of a snob (your words, not mine).

  4. Ok, so you're not the sweet lady with the sweet gentleman.

    I know! The sweet lady is Faikha!

  5. Wrong! Thats my grandparents. No photos of faikha posted yet. Care to introduce urself?

  6. fa, just incase i havent been saying this to u, i love u too! and i miss talking to u too.


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