13++ things about me..


  1. I have to do my business after eating. (Not my fault, my system digest fast)
  2. I love books, gimme a good book and i'll keep quiet. Anywhere, anytime.
  3. Im family oriented. (Suke hati i lah rajin blk kpg ke ape!!)
  4. Im build for height and speed. So many things to try, so little money.
  5. My mood swings sucks. Or as afiq said it, macam haram.
  6. Im friendlier than it seems but I am choosy when i make friends.
  7. I love movies, music, cinema, TV shows actually i love entertainment. Period.
  8. When I fall for a person, i fall hard.
  9. And when I do, half the world will know, coz im super excited!
  10. I can sit quietly and read wikipedia for hours.
  11. I think like a guy, i mean i have their point of view. Therefore, i do ogle at girls.
  12. And yes, i share things with my dad.
  13. I try not to keep secrets from my dad, coz i think i cant.*
  14. I have a CP diagnosed brother.
  15. I have only one biological sibling, and 1 sister. Figure it out.
  16. I love Justice League
  17. I watch cartoons with my dad.
  18. Im not at all girlish.
  19. I secretly like pink under certain circumstance.
  20. I think I have more male chromosome than female.
  21. I dont hug guys, didnt like it the first time so, never again. For the moment.
  22. Boys tend to make me feel uneasy,
  23. But they make better best friends than the girls.
  24. I am not gay nor bi. (incase im misdirecting you)
  25. I use to say I wont write unless Im forced to but blogging proves otherwise.

    Sorry bout the numbers, i wanted to write 13 but when i start theres always something more to write. Thus, the breeding numbers. hehehe

    *We'll see in a few years time. Heh heh heh!

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  1. How about No. 26: I just lurve Shrek!! Stole him from Princess Fiona! She must be SO jealous she's greener than green now! *evil laughter*

    But Princess Fiona sez: Just U wait...


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