Today was the day. Celebration for toto and neni's 41th anny. Sorry people no photos though. Gave them my prezzies. They loved it! Hahaha suke i! But the present for them by my aunts and uncles lagi syok! They chip in money to get them a Samsung flat screen TV! Cool eh. Great idea too since the TV in their room dah mengong. The top part is bigger than the bottom. So all the people jadi katik. Go figure; big head, small body. Katik la kan? Anyhow, the present was kept in the store coz they wanted to wait for everyone to come back first.

Finally...tea time.
Everyone was FORCED to go to the kitchen to eat. My grandma practically dragged everyone into the kitchen. But my uncles managed to sneak out to plug in the new TV. I 'kinda' help. Hehehe.. Ingatkan dah elok2 everyone in the kitchen, so we move the old, bulky TV out. Nak dijadikan cerita, while we were lifting the heavy TV tulaa my grandma came out and shout...'Jomey, kata nak makan..lapar sangat!'. I, who had nothing to do with the TV (memang xde kena-mengena) ran into the room sebab terkejut! Yes, pathetic. I KNOW! Kene samdol skali dengan Along and Achik. Oh well.

Lepas makan2 usually toto will go do his business in the loo. Not today though. so the TV were left forgetten for a while. Until later, so much later, he went to his room, get sumthing, went out, went in again to go to the loo and went out. Bayangkan lah betapa crush we are. Then again he went in, check his phone, found some money and decided to put it in his tabung. Dialog time!

(Syaniz was controlling the remote, Ya, Kak Su and I were hinting like mad)
Kak Su: Syaniz, tuka la channel..x best cite ni!
Syaniz: Nak tgk cite ape?
Toto: Jumping tortoise. (completely oblivious and making a joke)
Ya: Taknak ah.
Toto: Tarzan lost his underwear. (still completely oblivious)
Me: Eyh, asal TV ni ade stickers? Buruk giler. Sape tampal2 ni.
Kak Su: tuka la cepat, asal tgk video tak senonoh ni?
Toto: (upon finding money) Mane tabung saya blakang TV tu? Sape alihkan? (found his tabung durian, put money in and gently move it behind the TV)
Kak Su: Ya Allah!
Me: Bak sini lah remote tu..(sit next to toto and gave him the remote)
Toto: Eh taknak, toto xnk tgk pape..awk tgklah..(points to the TV) EHHH!!!

Finally!! He realises it. And that moment everyone came into the room clapping and laughing. Sebijik mcm punk'd! But thats only half of the surprise. My grandma still doent know. So we lure her in, saying that we are watching the last episode of pangako sayo. She came in. (Mind you everyone is in the room by now, smirking and hiding laughters )

Neni: Apasal ade bau busuk ni? (New smell of TV!)
Anteynna: Ntah, budak2 ni la tu peluh2.
Me: Neni, tgk la tuu...
Neni: ha? xde apepon.
Me: Nah remote. (gave her the new remote)
Neni: neni tak nak tgk TV..(takes the remote)
(everyone was sniffling already)
Neni: Apsal org die tak....(another set of cheers, claps and laughter)

Bolehkan x perasan? It took her almost 10minutes to realise it. Aduhhh..drama!
She realise it finally coz the ppl onscreen x katik. Great trademark of the old TV i must say.

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  1. ehh fa...
    bila masa plak 46th anniversary...
    41st lahhh

  2. sorry..honest mistake. terlajak 5 tahun. hehehe..dah tuka dah.


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