Of Richard Gere and indecent behaviour


Seen the news lately? About Richard Gere making public apology to Shilpa Shetty because of his indecent behaviour. He hugged, kissed, and definitely groped her buttocks. To a non-bias (chaitt!) person like me, the visual definitely showed that Mr. Gere was wrong. Even if he was only making a 'friendly' gesture. Toooo friendly. Very touchy-feely. Up to the extend of being considered as sexual harassment. Public sexual harassment. Depan live audience.

My parents and i were watching the news and AIM at the same time.
Mama: eh tuka balik berita, mama nak tgk richard gere tadi. Eleh, sebnanye xde apelah tu, biasa je. Shilpa Shetty tu yang terase lebih-lebih.
(mama is a fan of richard gere)
Me: Adeke? He was practically groping her. Kalau fa sure terasa gak!
Mama: Xdelah..
Me: Actually mama bias sebab suke Richard Gere kan?
Mama: Haah.
Me: Cube kalau fa yang kene mcm tu? Ape mama rase?
Mama: Mama jealous sebab die tak buat kat mama. Heh heh heh!

Nuff' sed!

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  1. is that gujurati? can you translate? i only understand hindi and punjabi.

    i think the gere-shetty affair is ridiculous. what upsets me even more is that the media is paying no attention to the HIV/AIDS campaign.

    check out my thoughts at:

  2. hi nice to meet u. no im writing in english. i dont understand hindi/gujerati or punjabi. unless if u count a few words that i pick up from hindi movies.

  3. Princess Fiona2 May 2007 at 23:35


    Malay can transform to Gujerati one, ah?

    Way to go...!

  4. Tulah pasal!! hahaha.haih! kene multi-lingual nih!


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