Of ignorance and knowledge


I think ignorance is bliss. On certain things, it is better not to know than knowing things which might not be beneficial. They say that truth hurts, and it does. Unlucky for me, I found it the hard way. I always say what I don't know won't kill me. So I try to keep my distance away from people now a days. BETTER! Kan kontrak dah tamat?

Then I learned Philosophy. Socrates believes that all man should acquire knowledge to be good. To know the good, is to do good and be good. By having knowledge, one will understand what is right and wrong ( not just by his or her perception but humanity as a whole) and subsequently, will not do anything bad. Confucius also have the same value and said that every man must acquire knowledge to be the perfect man. Which means that one need education and knowledge to be complete.

After reflecting myself, (which I question my existence in the process) I've come to a realization that I've done a lot of wrong things. To my God and religion, jangan ceritalah. There's too much to list down. I am aware of that and I'm trying to change. InsyaAllah. As for relationship between man, that I have to make amends. I don't know about others but when I am in a problem, I feel this uneasy feelings that burdens me. And no, I dont want that no more.

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