Refurbish the glory


I have always loved Penang due to the pre war colonial buildings scattered everywhere. Some are incorporated in the modern timeline too. I've seen McDonald's and KFC outlet in a colonial building as well as banks and offices and also a really spacious compound for Wawasan Open University which remind me of my old school BBGS.

One day, when I have enough money and daring enough, I will buy one of the buildings and call it home. Its despairing to see some of them not in a good condition, with broken windows and roofs and faded walls. But I still see the beauty in them. I know their glory can be restored if someone wants to make an effort to repair it.

Luckily, some people see all that - actually did it! Sad to say, those who did are not the local Penang-ites or Malaysian.

The Straits Collection Project is the brainchild and owned by an Australian who have lived in Malaysia for 24 years, Narelle McMurtrie.

The Straits Collection is located at Steward Lane and Armenian Street which offers 5 buildings for the purpose of residence, retail and restaurants. It is really really pretty! I imagined getting sucked in into the 1920s just by standing there. My words wont do justice! Just clicked on the name and see for yourself!

Hmm..m holiday destination maybe! But since its a boutique hotel, I must be prepared of the hefty price! At RM400 per night, that will be the setback, but Im sure the experience will be splendid!

The other place I want to share is Soul Kitchen owned by Malaysian-German couple Michelle and Tonio. They fell in love with the place last year and decided to have it as their home and restaurant. I want to that too!!! Not making my home a restaurant because I cant cook to save myself, to live in the first floor of an old Chinese/Colonial building and have the lower part of the place made as a boutique or a cafe. Like Bookends! Sigh.

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