Too fast too soon


Im speechless.

My nieces and nephews which I used to carry and feed milk to are now my Facebook friends. I'm not going to be all soppy about it, because it doesn't make me sad that they are growing up and catching up on me. I'm terrified that they found a way to grow up unnaturally- through Facebook.

I'm 21 and I admit FB is unhealthy. Okay fine, maybe they have an account because they want to play games, or because majority of our family members have an account. But only some of these kids' parents actually have an account and monitor what games they play, who they added and what they see.

Some things in FB are not rated U. People don't actually watch what they say. And what is written on the wall by others is not exactly controllable. Until after they are written. I have insensitive friends who bitch out using vulgar words and go F this F that ignoring fact that I have underage FB friends.

To add to that, the pictures people posted... BOOM BOOM POW! Tak kira dah halal haram, senonoh ke tidak, batas-batas, right and wrong. Not something I would want them to see. Bad examples. Especially kalau those pictures are from our own relatives. Sigh!

Back when I was 13, I was scolded by my parents and aunts for chatting on mIRC, and MSN messenger. Major drama. I got a little bit smarter when I was 14. Had a Myspace and Friendster account then, and kept it quiet. Main pun sorok-sorok. Now, they are as young as 7 and they have FB account each. Siap add us as friends pulak tu. Of course I approved walaupun dalam disagreement. At least boleh pantau.

Hmmm... I guess I should look at the bright side. They added us, which means we can see who their friends are and what they do with their life. At least ada cara juga lah nak control eventhough indirectly.

Damn the technology.

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