If I must tell you how I feel, it will be all this and so much more


Love is a cycle. When you love you get hurt. When you get hurt, you hate.
When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you start missing.
And when you start missing, eventually you'll fall in love again.

I'm scared to care to much, to miss too much, to feel that rush once more,
to love again at the risk of getting hurt.
But what I fear the most is the part of you leaving me,
when I've already conquered those fears for you.

You asked me whose life is more important? Yours or mine. And I answered "mine".
You walked away angry- not knowing that you are my life..

Peterpan came one night and invited me to Neverland where I can never grow old.
I was about to go but I refused cause I thought of something better to do.
That is to grow old with you.

If you were the one who’d hurt me, it wouldn’t really matter.
The truth is, you can slit my throat, and with my last breath,
I’d still apologize for bleeding on your shirt.
For you I can.

Footnote: All these are taken from Zack Zuhairi's blog. I'm jealous a guy can express himself very well. His carefully written words are too beautiful not to be shared.

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