Rindu sangat tapi..


Im single, Im leaving uni in 1 week and I don't live in SA with friends anymore. On the good side, Im preparing myself not having them around all the time. Detaching to adapt. On the bad side, Im lonely. And I can't help missing everyone. Those in the picture and those who aren't. Its a realisation that I am still attached after all.

I still have no feelings of sadness whatsoever about leaving my classmates. I am going to be sad but right now Im okay because I know I have 1 more day with them. 1 more day. And then... I'll still be okay I hope.

For now I miss the art guys. That boy or should I say 'man' working his sweat at the paddy field; that lanky guy I usually have quarrels with; and the fast mouth, sharp tongue brother my friends hate. I don't know who I am to them but they sure as hell have space allocated for them in my heart. We're not close and yet we are.

The similarities I see with them is that all of them have long term (and while they were studying, long distance) relationship with their respective girlfriends. Maybe that's the reason I feel comfortable being with them. Because I know our relationship is platonic. We are friends. No more, no less. And the fact that their girlfriends like me allow me to be myself with them. There's no weird feeling that the spouse might be angry at me for going out with them. One more thing, I am immune to their sweet talks and seducing words. They do flirt a lot but somehow they still stick to their relationship. That is a good thing! How come I made it sound negative? They make good friends but not great boyfriends. Not for me at least.

Only now, how come I miss one of them more than the rest? Too late for a crush, idiot.

Razief, Khairul, Arif, hope to see you boys soon. And please! Get married already!

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