All will be gone in 2 days time


No, not Armageddon. It won't happen when you expect it to. So 2012? Im striking that out. From the Quran, Allah said the end of the world is not known to us. There's no way we can anticipate or be prepared for it than through our prayers to Him,

Hmm. Too dramatic intro.

Im leaving college and the life I have been in for the past 3 years. The life I wanted so much circa 2006-2007. And the life I wanted to be out from circa November 2008 until now. I'm finally leaving it. Its ending! Im ready for a new adventure!

How do I feel now that I am finally leaving college?
Never better!

Will I not miss anything?
Maybe the cheap CC in front of campus, Puan Azian, and Miss Ad. Puan Gina too eventhough she left before I did.

What's next in plan?
Short term: USM, Penang =)
Long term: Monash or UniSA, Australia =D
Longer term: KRU Studios

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  1. And you'll be missing me, too! :P I'll update you on #Eikhaquote . (: Love you, Fa!

  2. I mcm mana...okay, FINE..penat aje bagi syllabus...tula..habis madu, sepah dibuang

  3. Auw.
    Miss Ad kata dia sgt tergaru.


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