Not a tease but wants a tease


This is the only picture I got from the photoshoot. Me? Photoshoot? urrmm..yeah!
3 years at UNISEL, I was the scout for my photographer friends. i help them look for models, I accompany the models, I follow friends for shoot but never was I the model.

And finally on the last semester, my friends asked for a favour. They have to come out with a magazine as their PPDT project and they wanted to feature me and 2 other friends. I agreed thinking it was only an interview. Didn't realised they wanted us for the cover too! I nearly bail out and wanted Hanna to replace me. But I toughen up and embrace my inner vixen or the vainpot in me.

Not many know I went for the shoot, didn't want them to know. But I uploaded the picture on FB and here.

So now you know.

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  1. Alaaaaaa tak nak gambar ni, nak gmbr mahal. Hahaha. :P


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