But you kept coming back


I just finished my second paper, last for the week. Im glad that (at least I think) I did well for the Comm Theory exam. What more with the whole drama of me misplacing my text book. The funny thing was I didnt panic at all. I was a bit worried but didn't panic. Its either Im too mellow, or too confident. Maybe Im mellow because Im confident I can find it.

At the final hour, nearly 10pm last night, Eikha found it at Mally G. AFTER I arrived there. Maybe the book needs my presence because they've look for it earlier in the week to no avail. In my attempt to study without the book, I went to DBP's Pusat Dokumentasi Melayu but only managed to find novels. Therefore, I read them novels. 2 Malay novels actually. Hehehe refuel my need for love stories. To believe that they still exists.

By the time I went home at 6pm yesterday, I still have no idea where my book is or have an ounce of education for the exam. And yet, I watch Adamaya. Its the hype man! Easy to follow storyline, great actors making the character alive, funny and annoying at the same time. The most famous of them will definitely be Mia Sara who plays Amani. Hands down, she wins the vote.

And then, there was Z. I received a text from him yesterday. Im not quite sure if he meant it for me or another person. But every 3 days I'll hear from him. Just recently. I'm confused! Is he being a friend or is there something else going on? Seriously, I don't want to be the person he comes to when he has a relationship problem. I don't even know if he still has a girlfriend or not. And I don't want to know anything about her. What I don't know about them is better. Or else, I'll be a stalker (according to Ya).

How do I get over you? If you keep coming back.

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