Third and Fifth Wheel


15 days marks 1 whole year. And I feel missed. I miss the longing to see that special person, I miss having someone of my own. Especially now that everyone is pairing up. I feel like a pest everytime. When Ya and Ayaq go on dates, I tag along. Im the third wheel. When Ya and Ayaq, Eikha and Reza go out, I tag along, Im the 5th wheel. Im such a pest! Need a wheel of my own.

I do have friends who are single around me, but they have people around them. Some goes out with different guys all the time. Some on occasion, but still!! They're dating. And Im not.

Ishk cepatlah special someone tu sampai. Susah sebab its not a boyfriend that I'm looking for. Its someone to grow old with, to share an inside joke, to have meaningful conversations, to share life with.

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  1. You have never been our third wheel nor the fifth wheel, we enjoy your company!

    Ceyh your looking for a husband not a boyfriend lah ni? Alolo.


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