Of SA, Shah Alam and South Africa


What does the 3 of us have in common?

  • We all are studying in SA - Shah Alam and South Africa.
  • We grew up together.
  • We are cousins.
As much as Imran loves to rub it in my face that Ya and I are inseparable, he knows deep down he wants to study near us too. We don't get to see each other much. Maybe twice a year if we're lucky. This time around Imran got his driving license already which makes it so much easier for us to get together. Back to back hangout session was the bomb. Castle on one night and Pavi on the other.
Tengok betapa nikmatnya when he got to eat what he chooses after contemplating for 30 minutes where to have his lunch.

Okay these photos were taken at each red stop. Hehehehehe bila lagi kan?
Sorry dude, buncit is one thing, me looking kurus is a whole another issue!

Since dah lepak a few times in last week makes me miss him pulak. Its okay, thank god you have facebook now! Comeback soon! March we'll go midnight movie, karaoke, more lepak and other stuff we didn't manage to do. Oh! Kita bole pergi tengok Jiul perform! InsyaAllah. Take care there, have fun World Cup 2010. Manalah tau kot-kot I sampai sana kan!

* * * * * * * * * *

And this, was a week after raya. Entah lah kenapa semua semangat-ed keluar ramai-ramai. Padahal nak pergi tukar contact lens sara je. It was great fun though. Jarang dapat kumpul sekali these faces outside the house. Sure we are classmates who live in the same house, but we rarely dapat keluar sama-sama outside of Shah Alam. Sure ada je yang tertinggal. To this day, Phia, Sara, Yana and I still tak pernah keluar berempat. Sekali je 100108, first and last.

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