There he goes, there he goes again


Kan dah cakap, orang rupa macam dia memang almost always attached. Was warned earlier that he is linked to someone, not in a relationship but not available nonetheless. So how come every time, this time included, its among friends again?

Awal-awal kalau boleh taknak any relationship dalam uni. Sebab its hard. Circle of friends terlalu sempit. Dahlah Im not into people yang dah attached. Kali ni boleh kan pulak attached to a girl who is my friend! Okay, so she is not anybody close, but she's a friend.

I respect friendships. I think its stupid to quarrel over a guy. Tapi Im just simply annoyed this have to happen again. Again!

Arghhh!!! It haven't even started. Mungkin betullah, kamu terlalu hotstuff untuk saya. Toldya!

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