Those girl


I watched '500 days of Summer' the other night with Arie and Timah girls. I love it, and hate it at the same time. Its a harsh reality check. Its annoying to know that those type of girls exist. And I live amongst them. Hey, Im a girl too right?

Those girls are the pretty ones, not hot but not plain Jane either. She's in between. Attractive and approachable. And the best things about Those Girls are they know they can get them boys, they can choose anyone they like and they ALWAYS play the field. In short, those girls are the kind who 'like them, and leave them'.

I hate Those Girls!

  1. For being pretty and knowing they are good looking enough for many boys.
  2. They have MANY boys to choose from.
  3. Those boys are usually kind. Too kind that they don't know they'll end up getting played.
  4. Those girls are users.
  5. They don't know what they want, therefore they give hopes to many guys.
  6. They kept doing it again and again.
  7. Despite it all Those Girls are kind and nice. That's why boys don't realise that they actually are being gamed.
  8. And that my friends, are the reason I dont want to be the matchmaker!
Okay lah I malas. Tapi Zooey Deschanel memang fit the character sangat. Pretty, cute, alluring, attractive, approacable, deceitful, her face spells false hope. I like her. I just don't like Summer. Kesian kot all those guys. Berkawan dan dating is 2 different meanings. Get it right, stop playing games. You know I tell this because I love you.

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