Like all you want, you're single. The world is yours!


Its scary somehow when I told people I like him, they are okay with it. They're glad. Yeah it is a usual respond. You tell your friends you like a person, they'll support you. Well my friends, if I tell them I like someone they'll give me the dirt on that person. And they are frank about it too.

With Witwicky, its the same. I got all the dirt I need (and some I didn't need or want) AND I got blessings. Pelik kan? That is the weirdest part! My kakak-kakak bertiga was WHOA! They really want me to go all out. Suruh try eventhough he is already dating (tapi status single), saying words like its not impossible. The only person who said NO was my Abah. He said something about vanity. Character judgement through pictures. Mama said he's good looking.

HE IS! That's the whole deal. It surprises me that the girls lingering around him wanting some attention are EVERY GIRL! And he's the kind who sweet talks. My most hated traits in a guy. But I always fall for them. Oh and one of the girls who flirts with him publicly on his FB is a classmate of mine. She rarely opens her mouth in class! Diam-diam ubi berisi!

Ingatkan kali ni tersuka orang low profile, case pun akan jadi low profile juga. I estimated wrongly! I forgot the fact that he is plastered with good looks on his face. Of course there'll be fans tailing him. Therefore, lets just let our hopes die. Too small of a circa.

Kak G told me she was in my position once. But look where she is now? Married with 2 kids. With the guy that she wanted. Alaaaaaaa bagi harapan lah cerita macam ni!

Dah. Taknak fikir. Nak pi buat degree dulu.

Miss Ad, if only liking all I want is easy. And if the world is mine, you know who I would go for first. JOHNNY DEPP!

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  1. Jamal Bin Dollah nak?

    JD gak.




    Muda lagiiiii.

    Nanti mesti ada yang lagi BEST!!!~

    And he doesn't necessarily have to be good looking.

    Biar you sorang je yang nampak dia ensem dah le.

    Kalau dah sume agree your guy is HANDSOME, macam ni le jadiknyeeeeee.

    Mcm kesss niiii.

    Take care!
    -Miss Ad-

  2. Exactly, muda lagi kot, chill laa Fa. Yes, tak perlu handsome. Take my case with Faiz as an example. I wasn't happy, the only reason I stayed with him is because he's good looking. YES, I WAS SHALLOW LIKE THAT. I wanted everyone to see that I have a gorgeous looking guy as my boyfriend. I put my feelings aside, I was deeply hurt but I didn't care, because he was good looking!

    Now I am happier than ever! And soon you'll be, too! (:


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