Bitter smile is all I can give to you for your departure


I heard you are leaving, I didn't like it. Not one bit, not at all.
I know you are leaving, but I didn't expect it to be this soon.
I was never anything to you but you were always something to me.
That's why its hard, that's why something in me snap shut.
And that's why I actually cried.

I want you to go, because its always how I knew you.
Someone who is in motion, never in one position.
But a big part of me don't want you to.
Because it will mean you are nearer.
Eventhough you're in another state, at least you are here.

I can't bring myself to call you,
I can't feel myself making effort for you,
because you're not mine.
But I miss you.

I miss you.

Saya harap awak jaga diri kat tempat orang. Lagi-lagi dunia tengah banyak bencana. Awak makin jauh, jadi rindu saya dipanjangkan. Terima kasih selama mana awak di sini. Saya doa untuk keselamatan awak. Dan juga segala yang baik. You're the worst break up I ever had. But its funny though, because we never had anything.

I can't lose something I never had, so tell me..why do I feel like Im losing you? Entahlah kan? Biarlah. Yang pasti, saya doakan awak selamat ke sana, di sana dan paling penting. Selamat Kembali.

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