13++ Large scale sigh


  1. I've been procrastinating too damn much. Too much work. Too many things too catch up.
  2. Been skipping too many classes. Why? Overslept. Therefore, i missed out on things Im supposed to be studying.
  3. Economics = numbers. Its hard for me because my mindset says that numbers are hard. Shit!
  4. Audio Video Prod, I can't kike this subject because of the lecturer!
  5. Website building for Puan Gina..sigggggggghhhh!
  6. Corporate Communication, sigh.
  7. Research Methodology, OMG!
  8. Financially sinking but I dont want to ask money from my parents.
  9. Relationshits.
  10. MUET and final exam next month.
  11. Coming up with a dummy for that proposal journal.
  12. Cold shoulders.
  13. Uncontrolable annoyance.
  14. Unwise time and task managements.
  15. Big ass sloth in me.
  16. The inability to be productive collectively.
  17. I think Im drowning, if it were me alone I think I'll live. But Im afraid its not just me.
  18. I dont know if Im dragging them down with me or they are sinking me. Pfffttt!
  19. Unobtainable shot term goal -> Witwicky.
  20. Distressing long term goal -> Flying off for degree

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