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Havent been updating. Balik malam-malam kengkadang kena berebut pc dgn my parents. So agak susah. Work have been good. Great actually. Makan sedap, friendly co-workers, nice atmosphere, great discounts. Good pay, easy work. I can even learn to speak chinese from the ppl i meet! The only downside is, kaki i sakit!!!! And my feet smells.

Ye laaa..8 hours in socks and shoes. Terperap je! Tipulah kalau x penah kan! colleagues ae chinese. Except kak ros. Kami berdua aja melayu. Tapi nobody mistakes her as chinese, as for me..every bloody customer!!
When i said 'saya org melayu' they dont understand (or blur) so i have to say "ngo hai ma-lay-yan! (saya org melayu)" but im speaking chinese lagi laa confusing kan? so then kene cakap "ngo em sek kong". And in the end i terus cakap "wo pu che tau!" Oklah tu kan? Hehehehe.
As of now i can pick up a few words ftom them, also some i already know before, so i kinda understand what they say. Plus, their expressions and gestures helps. I also understand what 'chi so' and 'o-si' means.

I got 2 bosses. Fiona, in charge of merchandise (ie stock and inventory) and Ah Hoo (pronounce Ah Ho) who is incharge of operations. Nice people. Ah Hoo is cute with babyface looks but kinda
'lembut'. Hello, he even calls me sayang. "Sayang, tolong lipat ini"' "Sayang, ini letak sane balik". Funny! And Fiona, i thought she's cina yg Cina laa..coz she looks a lot like one, (get what i mean?) but she turns out to be ok. Mula2 sooo serious. X pernah gelak2 or even smile at/with me. Now dah warm, up ok la.

Kak Ros is a petite girl. Cute. Macam Mila af5. Shes ok. Ah Hoo calls her Ah Rose. I want a chinese name too!! (They call me farah, so how does Ah Fa sounds?) And the other girl who started the same time as i did is Ah Foong. Shes 23. Tall. Just finished diploma in economics at UPM. Waiting for exam result, thats why shes working for the time being. We have a mutual aggrement. She wanted to improve her english and i want to learn chinese, so we will teach each other! And last but not least, the part-timer, Danny! He just finished his diploma in mechanical engineering from TAR college. 1 month break before continuing his advance diplome, thus he ended up here!

I like working here. Even if belum dapat money. 8 jam tak terasa pun. kena lipat baju saja. Which is something i dont want to do. But when u get paid to fold clothes, surely u will do it too. Did i mention i get 70% discount for PDI latest collection? And 1% commision if we hit the monthly target of 50K (or more). Owh i also get more money from the overtime/full shift. Heh heh heh!

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